Horse Training

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Horse Training

Horse Training | Country Lee Farm : Boonville, NY

Country Lee Farm offers comprehensive horse training for horses of all ages and experience levels. We can train your horse for you, or we can teach you how to train your horse.

We Teach

We use the classical method of horse training, following the United States Dressage Federation’s training pyramid and the United States Equestrian Foundations Trainer Program of forward seat riding. We also believe horses love to be cross trained! Dressage, hunter, jumper, equitation, western, gaited, trail riders welcome, sport or showing. Young or old, problem or rusty horses, and riders welcome. You must have your own horse to train with us, helmets also required.

We can teach you in person, here at our farms or just send us a video, you tube or dvd of your riding and issues and we can help you. You can also send us still photo’s for full evaluations.

You Teach

If you like to train yourself, there is plenty of ring time available. We can supervise you on raising your training bar and improving upon all your skills in hand, on the ground or on the horse, riding.

We specialize in: Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Gaited, and Western.

Have a safe, fun, educational summer with us. Come one day or for all 8 weeks, call for information.

Bring your horse to us for two weeks, during fair season for intensive dressage, jumping, and western training with daily lessons and trail riding. You will stay with me in a beautiful farmhouse, go to fairs and shows, or just have fun! We offer an all inclusive experience, prices on request, for ages 12 and up, adults welcome!