Horse Riding Lessons

Professional Instruction in a Relaxed Environment @ Country Lee Farm

Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Training | Country Lee Farm : Pomona, NY

Have you always wanted to ride a horse? Would you like to learn how to walk, trot, canter, jump, do dressage or go western out on the trails? We can teach you from beginning levels to most advanced. We can help you get to the horse shows and show off your skills. We are closer than 2 hours to every major horse show.

Dressage, hunter, jumper, equitation, western, gaited, trail riders welcome, sport or showing. Young or old, problem or rusty horses, and riders welcome.
On your horse, we can move you up the levels, as you set your own goals. We follow the USDF training pyramid. Our horses are available by special appointment only.

We can teach a wide variety of skills but specialize in dressage, hunters, jumpers, equitation and western.

Learning to ride a horse is exciting and fun. It lets you get out into nature, befriend a horse and learn a new skill. If you’re new to riding, we will introduce you to our horses, teach you how to groom a horse and saddle and bridle a horse. By taking this slow approach, we are allowing you to become familiar with the horse, and allowing the horse to become familiar with you. It’s all about the journey.

We provide helmets, saddles, bridles, and all of the gear needed to ride the horse. We recommend that riders bring their own special riding clothes and shoes.

For more information on our riding lessons, give us a call by phone at (845) 659-6465. Our instructors would be thrilled to speak to you about our lessons, and all of your learning desires.