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About Country Lee Farm

About | Country Lee Farm : Boonville, NY

We offer boarding services for horses, riding lessons and horse training services.

Our Instructors

Lee Anne Johnson Greene, voted top 50 instructors in the United States by the American Riding Instructor Association. She has been a certified instructor since 1985. Lee Anne is a USDF silver and bronze medalist, USEF champion, certified appraiser, 4H leader, classically trained by all the Masters: George Morris, Frank Chapot, Lendon Gray, Cesar Para, she has dedicated the last 47 years to horses and their riders. She is an owner/trainer who lives on the farm giving 24 hour supervision.

Our instructors love horses and training horses and have years of experience in the industry. Many of our instructors even own their own horses, and they can teach you how to ride, improve your riding skills and teach your horse beginning, intermediate and advanced movements.


We offer complete and professional horse boarding services. Our boarding services are designed to meet your needs as an owner. We can handle every aspect of your horse’s care, or you can handle part of your horse’s care. Just let us know what types of boarding services you need.


Do you need to train your horse? Are you looking for qualified and certified horse trainers? We can help you. We offer complete training services for your horse. We can train your horse from the beginning, and we can pick up where other trainers left off. We can even teach you how to train your horse under supervision. We follow all of the guidelines of the USDF training pyramid.

Riding Lessons

We can teach children and adults how to ride horses. If you’ve never ridden a horse, we can teach you how to ride. If you’re a seasoned horse rider, we can teach you and your horse to go up the riding scale.

To learn more about our boarding services or to talk to one of our professional horse trainers, give us a call at (845) 659-6465.